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Meet The Team

Kyle and his wife were married for a year before deciding to rescue their first dog, Kiya. Kiya is a floppy eared German Shepard that had a bit of a rough start to life. They quickly fell in love and like many owners do they thought getting a second dog would be a good decision. They thought what could go wrong. Kiya will have a friend to play with, they can keep each other company, so they added Riley to the bunch. Riley the Great Pyrenees quickly found her place as the attention seeking little sister. As time passed Kyle and his wife realized they were in over their heads. That's when they reached out to a dog trainer for help and learned about an amazing program. The system helped Kyle and his wife to better communicate with their two new family members. After the training program was complete, Kyle asked if he could intern and learn more about the techniques used to help dogs and owners live better lives. Ever sense then Kyle has been training dogs.

Together, they help dogs to overcome behavioral problems such as leash pulling, jumping, anxiety, destruction and house training by teaching them boundaries, self-impulse control and focus. They look at those problems head-on, and fix them at their root. In turn, this helps solve other behavioral problems simultaneously.

let Wasatch Peak Dog Training help you and your fur baby get closer together buy tackling these problems together. 

Rescue Puppy


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