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Rocky & Lucky


As first time dog owners we wanted to make sure we took the time and effort to train our dog properly. We were so impressed with Wasatch Peak Dog Training. Kyle was kind, patient, and thorough with us and our new puppy. Every training sessions included owner participation, past lesson reviews and new additional lessons. He even checked on us between lessons to see how everything was progressing. We would highly recommend Kyle and Wasatch Peak Dog Training! Worth every penny spent!!


Mercedes & Freyja


Thanks to Wasatch Peak Dog Training we have the best behaved dog now. Freyja used to be terrified of new places, care rides, or basically anything new or noisy. Now when i ask her if she wants to come to work with me she gets excited, jumps right in the car, and is perfectly well-mannered all day long. I'm even able to put her in her place command, which means she stays on her spot, leave to go the the bathroom ans she's still in the exact same spot when i come back to my desk! #dreamcometure


Jane & Fred

We took our six month old Australian Labradoodle puppy to Wasatch Peak Dog Training. When we dropped him off he was hyper, full of anxiety, still struggling with potty training, and had other behavior challenges. He had also already done dog training with another local company that just didn't go well. Kyle was able to point out that the anxiety and some of his other poor behavior stemmed from a lack of confidence. So, Kyle not only worked on basic training but also did drills with him to increase his confidence. It was unreal!

After three weeks when he returned to our home, Kyle gave us the tools and vision to help our dog understand that we are in charge, and that he can relax. He was also potty trained, and obedient! It was honestly a new dog.

The best part is that Wasatch Peak Dog Training also offers boarding. We have two dogs and I've never boarded them at a facility, we always use friends or family because I don't like the lack of attention and lack of consistent training with most boarding places. Now we can live our life with happy dogs and travel knowing they are still happy!

One more thing, we live in Orem and make the drive because this is so worth it! I can't recommend Wasatch Dog Training enough, in fact, we've already had friends take their dogs and they had an equal great experience that we have had. Having a good, trained dog gives them more opportunities too. Because if your dog is obedient they get to go more places with you and equally have a better quality of life.


Adam & Scout


"Kyle was so good to work with. He helped us gain the skills that have enabled us to have the relationship we've always dreamed of with our dog (Scout). We spent over $3,000 in vet bills before we decided that enough was enough. Scout comes with us everywhere now. It's a crazy feeling when people clamor over your dog because it's so sweet and mild mannered. My Mom even likes Scout, AND SHE HATES DOGS! So excited for what the future holds for me and my little buddy."


Holly & Teddy


"We bought our dog here and brought him back for advanced training. He is easily the best dog we have ever had. He’s only been back from advanced training for a day and he’s already such a joy to have. Going for a walk with no leash isn’t something I ever imagined I could do with a puppy, but Teddy is rocking it! Thanks, Kyle!"


Nate & Rosie


"We took our mini labradoodle, Rosie, to Wasatch Peak and it has been the best thing we ever did. Kyle and his team did an amazing job at training our 1 year old dog to be incredibly obedient and obey for the right reasons. We have been so impressed with Rosie, she was pretty out of control before and now I take her everywhere with me! I would definitely recommend getting your dog trained here. The take home course or boarding school are both great options. Worth every penny."


Katie & Kevin


"We have loved having Kevin, our 1 year old golden doodle go through this training! Kyle was so easy to work with and still does a great job checking in after!! He treats the dogs like part of his family and they get great training. The place command has been amazing with little kids at home!! We got such a happy well trained dog back."

Makenzie & Sam:

"We had the pleasure of purchasing a one year old poodle (Sam) through Kyle as part of a re-home situation. Sam spent the first week or two with Kyle and then we continued weekly training sessions at our home. Sam is the best dog we've ever owned, he has a very mild, sweet personality and has now developed the manners and skills that fit our family perfectly. Kyle was very easy to work with, and is always easy to get a hold of with questions. We absolutely loved working with Kyle (Sam loves him too) and would do it again if we ever had another dog. You will not regret working with him!"


Colette & Winnie

"We worked with Kyle to board & train our anxious mini aussiedoodle. He was easy to work with and responded quickly to all our many questions via text after she came home. She's so much better at being able to manage her impulses and is much more calm on walks and in her crate in particular. Would recommend."

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