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For dogs 5 months and older

Don't have the time? Going on vacation and can’t take your dog with you?

Don't want to pay for boarding where your dog gets little to no individual attention?

Are you having aggression, anxiety, obedience, or any other issue you can’t solve?

Interested in learning more about service dog work?

Or do you just want to enjoy a high level of obedience with your pet?

If so this is the right option for you!!

How the program works:

  •  This is a fast track system where your dog lives with us for 3-4 weeks. 

  •  They will have a daily routine including: Play times, one-on-one training sessions, ​quite times, multiple walks daily, off-leash outings, and field trips to local dog friendly department stores.

  • All dogs are crated at night.

  • This is our full time job so dogs have our undivided attention while they stay with us in our home. 

  • This is just the beginning, you are the most important part. After the board and train we go through several private in order to make sure that the changes your dog has made can be maintained long term.

Program costs:


$200 non refundable deposits to reserve your spot on our list

Our goal is to address the ROOT of all dog behavioral problems. This means instead of tackling each problem head on as they come our way, we are going to step back and look at the bigger picture and address issues with a holistic approach. By doing this we are able to solve multiple behavioral issues simultaneously.

  • Place command (bed command)

  • Leave it

  • Sit

  • Down 

  • Down at a distance

  • Stay with all positional command (we use an implied stay principle)

  • Re-call or come on command off leash

  • Heel on and off leash

  • Waiting at door ways

  • Loading in and out of a vehicle 

  • Public access training ​ 

All commands will be taught using our system that we call "the 3 D's of training." All of these commands will be performed off-leash with Duration, Distance, and Distraction.

We will positive motivation with this such as food, treats, toys, and verbal praise to prepare your dog to become focused, engaged. Rather than using fear and control as our main tools to force obedience. Our dog training system encourages dogs to WANT to obey us for the right reasons, trust, respect, and a genuine relationship built around love for each other. 

Once the dog has had enough consistency to understands what is expected on a specific command, we use fair and consistent corrections to prevent disobedient behaviors. In other words we will begin to teach structure with boundaries and rules that have consequences. The dog must know exactly why it is getting corrected so it can avoid that correction in the future. The chain pet stores would love to convince you that you can train your dog solely using food and praise. Around 90% of our clients have already tried these methods and found they did not provide the help that they needed and continued to look for a better solution.

We believe that their is a balance between using reward and discipline based training methods, this is crucial to helping our dogs become the most confident, stable and well-rounded dogs.

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