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Puppy Training

For dogs younger than 5 months 


Program costs:

Private $400 (subject to travel fee)

Group $250

Puppy training is very fun but can be an overwhelming time for a new dog owner. During this phase of life there are important things to focus your training around. The biggest mistake we see many people make during this period in a dogs life is focusing their time on the wrong area's of development. Our puppy training programs will help you prioritize what your dog is developmentally ready for in order to promote a healthy minded, confident puppy. Let us help you start your puppy off on the right foot.

How the program works:

We have two different programs for puppies, private training and group training. These courses follow the same curriculum. Private training is done one on one in your home, group training takes place at our location in West Haven. We will meet with you once a week for four weeks. Private training sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis based on individual training schedules between you and your trainers availability. Group classes are scheduled on Saturdays to accommodate for the majority of participants. Group classes are not regularly scheduled, we must have a minimum of 3 participants. Once 3 clients have signed up for the class we will schedule the program.

Our focus during training:

  1. Engagement

  2. Potty training, and crate training. 

  3. Manners such as jumping, nipping, and chewing.

  4. Basic obedience commands like sit, down, recall.

  5. Proper socialization techniques for your puppy.

The best part about this program is you have the potential to get your money back! Any puppy that moves on to our advanced courses will receive 50% of the amount paid for their puppy training (excluding travel fee) to put towards the cost of their advanced training program. Puppy training, when combined with our nine week program, can get you four months of in-home, professional dog training. 

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